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Former professional flamenco guitarist, Romain Bonnet plunged into a new art project close to his heart forever. it handles, trafficking and retirement his photographs
with the help of specialized software to achieve the results he yearns. For the experts, He mainly plays with layer masks and brushes, seeking to achieve effects similar painting. He succeeded in obtaining the desired colors and effects of lights. The photographs of women serve him most of the media time to express ideas and inspiration : "I have no routine or artistic ritual in my creations. Just as a musician (I've been) I leave much room for improvisation ". An improvisation "controlled", always with an idea or a message to deliver. So, his creations bring an aura mystery, fed by the digital effects. The subject often sets the viewer, leaving the immerse in this unreal gaze. The face, lets see, Box and corroded by murals. The traits mix, alter the fact that we recognize to make way for a raw expression. The people, youth, beautiful and smooth skin, then gaining texture. Their status unattainable beauty disappears under secular attacks paint. Paradoxically, they acquire in this process a new materiality; leaving an important place in their original magnificence, while subjugating the micro-imperfections.

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