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Artistic Description

ASATO: painting & rsquo; a Zoo Gorilla Beauval.

SAM chose his alias and alter ego because of his initials and a tribute to basquiat (who signed his early works under the pseudonym SAMO. Also collective name). Driven by the & rsquo; idea that & rsquo; s always transcends even despair, explores the colors, the faces and expressions. The prime présentée sous le titre Asato dates of the & rsquo; été 2016 after visiting the Beauval zoo or she was touched by the look of this gorilla finally free despite his confinement.

Technical description

– Jersey white heather
– Small short sleeve
– Coupe standard
– Design by Direct textile printing
– Tab woven label
– great neck
– Small hem reported jersey at the neckline
– Border of cleanliness and maintenance at the neck
– Double Finish stitching on the sleeves and bottom hem
– material 100% cotton organic 120g.
– Machine washable at 30 °

Additional Information


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Sometimes you have to take a circuitous route to get where you want to go. I wanted to make the Fine Arts, but life took me elsewhere, in audiovisual. I love my job, but I always had the feeling of not being quite at my place, then 2010, I began retraining as “multimedia graphic” and I turned to follow eight months of courses at the School Multimedia, where I studied software, Graphic Communication, Layout, some html and css ...

In the moment, I was delighted, but some years later, I realized that I still lacked something. That is why, in 2017, I followed a six-week training pro : “Illustrator and comics artist”, Jean Trubert to school to learn basic drawing techniques, perspective, From character design ..., I'm finally starting to feel in my place, then I still ... I think, I scribble, I look for, j’observe, then I experience, I grope, I learn, I am wrong, then I start, I look at the place, Upside down, in small, big and at some point, I like it !

Then I re-think, I re-scribble ...

Description illustration

Naanhifop : fantasy illustration made digital with Photoshop

Theresa was born in the years 60, some call “the viok” or “mamie” but she, she does not care, nothing has changed for her, she still loves hiphop, celui de Dj Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, The Sugarhill Gang, and dance, she swings her old bones rytme groove of his youth, this youth she would have liked to live in the years 1920, but that's good, they come back - the twenties. 😉

ultrabook : http://delphinepresles.ultra-book.com/portfolio

graphic site : https://www.delphinepresles.com/

instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dootslab/

facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Dootslab/

pinterest : https://www.pinterest.fr/delphinepresles/

mannequins Size Guide

Men: Thomas Azuano (1m86cm), size L.
Women: Lauren Fontaine (1m78cm), size M.

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