and design

Following the first contacts, we will send you an email and recapitulatif pr & eacute; feeling the Clubz concept that will allow you & rsquo; refine your project.
We é will change several mails with diff & eacute; annuities design proposals to achieve & agrave; one that suits & agrave; your club.


NB: A quick and qualitative design is conditioning & eacute; e by é exchange pr é cis. It is best to talk with a sole decision interlocutor. So we advise you not to involve too d & rsquo; diff & eacute interlocutors; ent within your club ,thus lengthen the validation process.
Under the & rsquo; Article L111-1 of the Code of properties & eacute; t & eacute; intellectual, “l & rsquo; author & rsquo; a work of the & rsquo; spirit enjoys on this work, the mere fact of its cr & eacute; ation, d & rsquo; a right to property & eacute; t & eacute; exclusive and enforceable intangible & agrave; all”. So you & ecirc; your responsibility and warrant that, any graphic,product design,text or other content provided & agrave; IZBAC for ordering products or services,does not violate the right to property & eacute; t & eacute; Intellectual some third. You will be solely responsible for any claims, réclamation, responsibility & eacute;, IZBAC lawsuit against infringement of intellectual property,d & rsquo; a patent or any right to property & eacute; t & eacute;.

the fittings

To accurately define colors and sizes, IZBAC send you swatches and will provide you with a set of cutters of the desired products.
Following fittings, you renverez we pre-order and color validation slip.


Shipping your club retailers, pantoniers, and samples is the responsibility of IZBAC and ask you to send these to your load. It may also be asked to send it directly to another club.

The command

Upon receipt of all documents (color card validation and pre-order), we will ship the purchase order and the good for shooting (BAT). When all documents will be received by IZBAC (color card validation, purchase order, and Bat) and the deposit payment corresponding to 30% price, we will launch production). While this extension cord production time, IZBAC will send you the dish jersey.


NB: Your validation of the BAT engages your responsibility. No claims will be considered if the goods received corresponds to BAT validated.

The delivery

6 at 8 weeks after the start of production, and after a quality control, Products will be shipped. With delivery, you will receive contract Clubz, with the aim to collect your broadcasting license photos textiles created. These photos will be used in the communication IZBAC.


NB: The shipping costs will be charged in proportion to the weight of the order. From 2000 euros purchase, discount 30% on the postage will be offered. From 4000 euros purchase, postage will be receiving the items offerts.A, a quality control of a sample of the control is achieved by IZBAC. A reception, the club must verify the content of the order, any claim must be made within one month..

Your satisfaction = Our satisfaction

IZBAC is at your disposal to collect your comments or suggestions through the satisfaction questionnaire and hopes to accompany you in new projects. This questionnaire allows IZBAC to improve and any feedback of information will be useful even minimal.


NB: Any level of price / quantity is maintained for one year (including restocking). Prices are those of the catalog for orders and restocking excluding promotions periods.
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