Discover Oyat and his works

a sign, whose real name is Sandie Leblanc, was born in Essonne in 1979.

Passionate about drawing and painting since always (through an artist mother who already painted on the walls of her living room!) and athletics (with a triple jump champion father who took him on the sprint track at the age of first steps!), Oyat is an optimistic life, dynamic and always in motion!

After studying applied arts at Duperré School in Paris, she graduated in Design mode and includes several ready-to-wear houses and Parisian trends offices where she works styling, textile design and illustration in parallel. It develops creativity, his sense of color and design.

In 2005, his desire for freedom pushes them to become freelance to further expand his artistic horizons and then she moved on the pretty town of Porge Gironde at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean…landscape of his childhood holidays.
graphic artist, illustrator, painter, it draws inspiration from the generous nature around, the ocean, surf, le Streetart, Popart the textile and she loves above all use the effects of openwork lace and.
His world is decidedly colorful, modern, gay and meticulous : painted textures, patterns repetitions, tracery plant, stencils, typographies, collages…coexist happily on his creations.
The message she wants to pass: “Life is Beautiful, The live today” !
the verse