Saturday 6 August, Rio Olympics are launched, the gymnastics competition can begin. 3and des qualifications to l'anneau, the French Samir Ait Said arrives at the jump event. Confident, serene, ready, he throws himself. His race is high, its approximate jump. receipt, she, be terrible.

Clac. It crashed on the carpet, stands face, disillusioned. His leg is twisted, judges are stunned, the crowd is shocked : his left tibia fibula broke in two. The reception was fatal, as 2012 the European Championships, two months before the London Olympics. This time, it was the right shin, but with the same effect : Olympic dream shattered. His relatives are crying, his family is turned upside. Four years of work, four years of preparation, four years glued to a goal in a split second breaks. As his tibia.

Transferred to the hospital, Samir Ponder. The trip in the ambulance is chaotic, the next operation is blurred. Whatever, Samir is not an athlete like other. Saturday afternoon, surgery. Monday afternoon, Olympic Village. It's like that, it's stronger than he, the pride of a champion. Not even 48 hours after his terrible wound, he proudly sports a blue-white-red plaster, and moves crutches to encourage his fellow. A lesson, First of Courage, but most of mindset.

Almost two months after the tragedy, Samir is undergoing rehabilitation. Two hours a day, he works hard. Objectives, he has time to fix. priority, this is his leg remuscler, learn to walk, gradually return to sports activity. Of course he thinks the European Championships in April 2017, of course. And with the global and unanimous support that it receives from this terrible accident, it is unclear what can stop. Car, as he says in interview, full upright and confident : “I will be in Tokyo 2020, I give you my word and I'll have my Olympic medal”. Obviously you'll be Samir. But you are not alone shalt : we'll all be there, with you. We all vibrate, with you. And we all sing the Marseillaise, with you.