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Fernando Barba de la Garza, painter, sculptor and draftsman, Born in Chihuahuahua, in Mexico, in 1995. From the earliest age, nurtures a great interest in the visual arts, developing d & rsquo; first technical design with its architect father and his graphic mother.

His art deals with themes surrealism, compositions referring to l’imagination and metaphors. His work takes us into a world of dreams in which we can see ourselves reflected.

L & rsquo; art is universal and my work l & rsquo; also, to generate emotions and consciousness, My best tool is the art”

Fabrizio Carminati

Our Lady is one of those monuments so famous that allow each of us, also to those who do not visit personally, to have a picture, a memory, perhaps only a flash.
Notre Dame is a cradle of faith where history was written. After more 9 hours of furious combat, almost 400 Firefighters smothered
the incredible fire. The symbols do not die. And if they fall it's only up to us to teach.
Notre Dame is very old: However, we'll probably bury the entire Paris that same birthplace.
Fabrizio Carminati