In a team, there is always a man who knows how to motivate his troops, blast barriers, transcend the group. Eldin Demirovic, the top of its meter 94 and its 24 years, is more than appreciated in his club Stade Poitevin Poitiers (STVP). Young talented forward-catcher, surfing on his excellent current form, Eldin is confident. But one night in January, while Poitiers Tours faces in a friendly match, Eldin flew to counter the ball, and evil falls on the foot. Hard is the fall, more fatal is landing.

A grimace, then he collapses on the floor. We understand, at once : Something happened. Something wrong. The game is on, Eldin is transported on a stretcher to hospital. The season Poitevin player is already completed. Broke in flight, Eldin took a new dimension in recent weeks in League A. This is now a surgical operation that passes his redemption : “tearing two ligaments and the capsule of the ankle”. All but a small matter.

But Eldin is stubborn, furious. Three months after the operation, he jumps, court, and better yet he learns that he will have no consequences for the rest of his career. It was the only uncertainty. It has never let go of his passion. Volley ball, this is his, its future, son ADN, his reason for living. He has not given up and will never give up.

We are the 14 September, eight months have passed. Eldin Demirovic found Poitevin effective to play his first game -amical- since his injury. In January, he was in top form, full power. Observed by the France team, there was almost. Eight months later, he returns, stronger and determined than ever. On two legs, standing, again ready to fight.