Like the others (CLA) was born from a personal story, respondent ; a story experienced by Michael Jérémiasz, paraplegic after a skiing accident ; a test of life for his family too, including its big brother, Jonathan Jérémiasz, witnessed the accident. Despite the difficulties experienced after the violent trauma, they bounce together. Michael becomes wheelchair tennis champion and quickly found a fulfilling social and personal life he now shares with his wife, Carolyn. Jonathan continued his militant commitment and becomes a social entrepreneur. In 2011, they decide every three to share their personal and professional experience beyond their inner circle and create the association as the Other with mission is to offer new walks of life to disabled people as a result of an accident of life.

Date de création de l'association

Number of handicapped and valid for stays involved

Collaboration CLA IZBAC:

The paths CLA and IZBAC cross at 2016. Many common values ​​grow very fast both entities to imagine collaborative projects around sports, sharing, hope and resilience.
We all had one day return to a sporting career, a professional and personal lives, the willingness & rsquo; IZBAC is to gather all those who have fallen and decide to meet! Obvious synergies have therefore pushed CLA and IZBAC imagine what textile concept, fruit of the creativity of the textile brand and IZBAC of overflowing energy CLA.
Collection capsule CLA IZBAC:
The selected action verbs reflect and soul of CLA and shared values ​​with IZBAC: Bounce, Live, To laugh, To desire, Flourish and love. We want everyone to be in this concept that is only the beginning of a collection that will surprise the months and years ahead.