The application to create your own outfit custom sports. Centralization, acceleration, automating, autonomy of the creative process from A to Z (off BAT)... Direct access to choice ranges / models, the design creation and collection of information logotypes. Back office with storage of different projects ...

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Selection 4 ranges, price indication, technicality, degree of customization, description, projection black and white design.
white base, choice 100 color shades, Customization area by area, shuffle (3 colors, regeneration, finalization from ...), indication player name / name of the club, shading slider, difficult access area, Pass sentence…
regulatory Jersey, mesh / no mesh, location logos / sponsors with name, attached file, treatment, cut, printing of logos alone, or logotypes + dezign (PDF + folder with logos)
With your username and password, go to the back office of your club to sauvergarder are various projects underway or completed. Share it with other members of the office or your licensees to make your choice!
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