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C & rsquo; is 2011 at 41 years that life has decided that all n & rsquo; s going to happen as I & rsquo; had planned for the coming years.. J & rsquo; s going to be torn away from my perfect life “big, child, House, dream work and living environment (in hindsight) “. A groundswell m & rsquo; causes the middle of the & rsquo; ocean , very far from the shore and cut me from the world of normal people, of healthy well ! The verdict : metastatic breast cancer emblem of mediastinum and lung. In 3 weeks j & rsquo; did 10 000 examinations blood tests my first chemo and I have no more hair.
Welcome to the wonderful world of & rsquo; Oncology.

I fight. Since the departure I know that the battle will be tough : j & rsquo; have the right to total, chemotherapy, mastectomy, axillary dissection, radiotherapy, injection & rsquo; antibody and hormone therapy. My desire is primarily to resume my life as before and in my mind it n & rsquo; n & rsquo in, not otherwise. I take my work confident a year after these events thinking be stabilized but I'm a first recurrence….
s & rsquo; & rsquo strung up treatment; a second relapse in May 2017.

There c & rsquo; is the shock, cancer cells are still there and I am finally aware after 6 years that I & rsquo; had cancer ” chronic”, for life…. I'm at the foot of the new wall treatments heavy, terrible side effects, I am very angry j & rsquo; have a lot of resentment in me. J & rsquo; did all that & rsquo; it m & rsquo; said to do, j & rsquo; took all the medications that & rsquo; it m & rsquo; said to take and is the result : the beast. I finally realized that I will not go take my life as before, I can not work as before, I'm not in shape as before, I can not drive as before, I can not party like before!!!

So I bailed in painting my initial training in visual arts. From figurative painting I started to create abstract paintings. I had need touch of matter, to develop forms, create tables in movements… almost a desire and a visceral need to create living works.

Everywhere we are told to have never touched a work of art… me I want the people's desire to touch my paintings! They Relief, they are designed so that we can feel the material and thus appropriating.
I only work on cotton canvas with acrylic pure. Always the same procedure : 3 dominant tones and positioning movements ….

Le spectateur est emmené à trouver sa propre interpretation émotionnelle lorsqu’il regarde alors mon travail.
Pas de directive, pas de figuratif : aucune influence imposée qui oriente obligatoirement l’interprétation d une oeuvre. Je souhaite que chacun puisse s’approprier le travail que je lui livre avec sa sensibilité et son histoire. Je veux que mes tableaux se mettent à vivre sur les murs.
Créer m’apaise. Je travaille beaucoup lorsque je souffre c’est une façon de canaliser et d’analyser ma douleur. Il m’arrive de travailler également la nuit…. c’est très intéressant égalementje vous laisse découvrir quelques clichés et vidéos de mon travail.

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