IZBAC gathers all the people who have fallen and who decide to rise again.

We all had a return in a sporting career, or in a professional fields or personal one..
“Is back”

The naming of the brand. IZBAC sounds like «is back»,  Contraction of the two words in one entity, with a "Z" and without "K". Cover the tracks, but go to the essential.


The curve of the "C" represents the path to cross to come back, this return from left to right, looking to the future. The center of the round is the focal point that is important for us to overcome, the goal to reach…


After years of reflections, of preparation, identification and creations, the 11th of November 2011 IZBAC was born. The first presentation of IZBAC to a large audience was during a national badminton tournament which took place in Bordeaux..


Ability and willingness togather all our strengths. Our remaining strengths, our new strengths and evenour unsuspected strengths to get to overcome an obstacle, achieve its goals, to live. Choose to fight.


Hope is stronger than fear. We all have a reason to hope. There is no real hope without goals and perseverance. The hope of recovery, of victory, of peace. The Hope for a better world. Everything starts with an intuition, an intention and then an action… 


A glance, a smile, a outstretched hand… the kindness, the sharing. Besides the one that became king on social networks, it must be done daily, in each one of our thoughts.Share our experiences, witness of our secrets…

Convert the start it.
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