IZBAC - Verb i.inc&incl 2011

1 – To come again, coming from a situation where we were. Coming back home, return, going back. Rewin. Come back stronger. « Starts doesn’t impact, only return deserve tears. » 2. Rebirth, renew. Resilience. To appear, come forward. Coming back from an injury, sickness, accident. Coming back to ourselves, regain consciousness, coming back to life. « Sometimes, life kneel us, however, some people face it. » 3. To write your return, your story, your own legend.

Dance for définition, version 2017. Danser pour définir les valeurs de la marque IZBAC.

Dune du Pyla 2014 avec Caroline Jaubert / Charlotte Jaubert / Guénaël Luong / Lénaïc Luong